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What We Do

We are a full service company specialized in Retail design, Industrial Design, Custom Lighting, Pop-up stores and Window displays. We understand the market and everything pertaining to launching a new product and what it entails to make it a success.

By partnering with local manufacturers who are fully committed to being  transparent and ethical companies in their practices, we offer services in USA, Canadá, México, Colombia, Brasil, Chile, Perú, Uruguay, Argentina, and Panama.

Understanding the local style of working has helped us find the balance and correct timing of our projects so you will always be on time. 

Our Services

  • 3D Renderings and Client Simulations

  • Industrial Design

  • Custom displays and merchandisers

  • 3D printing

  • Furniture design and fabrication

  • Custom Lighting fixtures and lightboxes

  • Window Displays

  • Pop-Up stores and bars

  • Trade Shows

  • Activations

  • Concept Development

  • Retailtainment

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